Enchanting is one of my personal favourite professions in WoW. There are so many different item slots that can be enchanted and players are constantly upgrading their gear, so the profession remains strong throughout the course of an expansion. Also, there is depth to be found in old world enchants as many players will use those to speed their levelling process on alts.

Shadowlands Enchanting

I have a video going through mainly Shadowlands Enchanting, how to level it and what sells well..

Shadowlands Enchanting Guide

Levelling Shadowlands Enchanting

In order to level Enchanting, I have an image from my Miro board which explains the process..

The hard part mentioned in the video regarding Eternal Crystals is much easier now that the price has drastically dropped. It’s still a significant investment.

Materials for Shadowlands Enchanting

There are 3 materials for Shadowlands Enchanting – Soul Dust, Sacred Shards and Eternal Crystals. As with all enchanting, the materials are gained from disenchanting items of the appropriate level. You can also shatter Crystals into Shards and Shards into Dust. The process is one way, you cannot combine them back again.

Usually, other professions are ideal in providing the items to disenchant in bulk to get the enchanting mats. For Shadowlands, it will help to have access to a Tailor, Leatherworker and Jewelcrafter. Depending on the price of the materials used in those professions, you can usually make things from there to disenchant.

For example.
Desolate Leather Armguards can be disenchanted into Soul Dust
Shadowlace Cuffs or Jewelcrafting Blue Rings can be disenchanted into Sacred Shards and Souls Dust.

I have a video explaining the whole process and a spreadsheet to accompany it..

Shadowlands Enchanting Shuffles

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